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Our aims are to minimise the impact of our business on the environment and on our carbon footprint, have a positive effect on society and the environment, and seek to work with other organisations who embrace these objectives. We aim to use natural resources responsibly, work with community projects, and encourage and educate our employees in these goals.

We recognise that our Company has the potential to make a significant impact on its staff, customers, society and the environment. This policy ensures that this impact is a positive one. The policy was born from the desire to formalise the good practice and attitudes already inherent in our staff and share them with our customers, suppliers and our environment for the benefit of all.
The policy has three strands; our duties environmentally, socially and consideration of these commercially.



We will comply with and, where possible, exceed all current environmental legislation, as well as meet all other requirements to which we subscribe. We are committed to continual improvement, including the ongoing assessment and reduction in use of raw materials and production of pollution. As part of this, we will ensure that all employees are trained and informed of our policy and their role in its fulfilment.

We will inform our customers and suppliers of our activities and where possible, work with them to achieve the same aims. We will seek to work with other local organisations to share ideas and help develop our management systems.

This policy will be managed within the framework of an Environmental Management System.


Socially and in the Community

We will act as a responsible member of the local community and consider our impact on it, in particular with regard to our office location and employees’ movements to and from the office. We will also seek to recruit new staff and work with new suppliers where the local community will benefit most strongly.

We will provide staff with additional leave to enable them to take part in voluntary work with local and national organisations, in particular where the opportunity provides a learning opportunity for the employee in addition to a benefit for the voluntary organisation.

See what we’re doing to help The Sheffield Children’s Hospital Charity’s Make it Better campaign here:
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We will make our policies clearly visible to our customers and suppliers, and seek opportunities to work together and improve both our own methods and those of our partner organisations. Where practical we will apply a purchasing procedure that reviews the environmental and social approach of any potential supplier.