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Workspace DNA

DNA contains the unique genetic instructions used in the development and functioning of all living organisms. Just as every individual is unique, so is every workspace for every company.

Using our industry leading knowledge, Workspace DNA takes into account the unique way people work, the demographics of the workforce and the different dynamics of each social and working group, as well as the exclusive way in which a company operates and the space available, to create a new approach to design.

By looking at the dynamics of your company, and planning out people’s locations and their spaces, you can maximise your floor area. This can expand without needing additional or new premises, improve staff attraction and retention rates, improve productivity and potentially save tens of thousands of pounds over the lease period.

Our Workspace DNA studio gives our clients access to the latest in workplace knowledge, sustainability and design. Whether you are interested in Property, HR, Finance or Facilities, or simply curious about how a workspace affects people performance, this facility can show you the way.

To understand how we can save your organisation money, and help improve business performance, please contact us.


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