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Workspace DNA is built around accessing the latest in office knowledge, and sharing this knowledge to provide solutions to our clients’ needs.

Our Workspace DNA facility in Sheffield designed to showcase the very best in office design which is constantly evolving; no two offices are the same. We have industry leading knowledge that covers topics including:

The Third Space
The importance of space that isn’t dedicated to desks, offices or meeting rooms

Social Capital
Implementing the idea of community within the workforce

Strategy and the workplace
How the workplace facilitates and supports strategy implementation

Productivity at work
Understanding employees’ productive mindset and its relationship with workplace satisfaction

Creativity at work
Exploring the way people form ideas and the implications for the workplace

Talking buildings
The role of the workplace in corporate communications

The Future of Work
How and where we will be working 2030

The 4 Generations of Work
The influences, drivers and aspirations of each work generation and what constitutes a great workplace for them

The Art of Pressure Distribution
The ergonomic criteria for the perfect work chair, conforming to all body shapes and sizes

The Kinematics of Sitting
The work chair should provide optimal support whether the body is in motion or at rest

The Attributes of Thermal Comfort
The work chair should be breathable to allow the flow of heat generated by the body

The Anthropometrics of Fit
As people’s size varies, so should the chair they sit in


This is all information that we would like to share with you, just give us a call

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