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Work-futures: space performance and agile workscapes

Shared workspaces are popular in cutting edge industries, like technology, and are now emerging in the professional services sector.

Evolving away from offices and cellular spaces, hi-tech companies have moved to collaborative group spaces where employees share communal tables for working rather than hiding behind office walls, and now that way of thinking is being more broadly adopted as a way to keep costs down.

Starting with a more collaborative, smart-working, space model can be more cost efficient for new offices and is certainly a model for discussion when considering alternative facilities.

Typically, the IT wiring required for individual offices can be substantially more than that needed for a general workspace area. It also increases capacity, making it easier to take on new employees without the need for a larger office. All of this contributes to a reduced cost of ownership.

Clustering knowledge workers provides greater opportunity for sharing hindsight and skills and promotes mentoring among professionals with different experience levels.

Observing a shift from formal ‘process space’ to more agile, collaborative zoning, in part arising from the broader generational HR spread at work and greater freedom for staff to use their own mobile technologies, the relaxing effect this can produce, in terms of space performance planning, is increasing the percentage of what has more recently been labelled 3rd space.

When considering optimising more of the available space, there is a great opportunity to stimulate productivity in all areas of business, drive staff engagement and develop the best initiatives from their knowledge workers . . . .

. . . and we have a few ideas we’d like to share with you.

You no longer need to rely on precedent when it comes to setting up or relocating offices, especially if you’re looking to reduce overheads or invest money in client services rather than conventional space. Shared workspace could be the innovative push that sets you apart.


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